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  • Cemeteries

    USGenWeb Project has stored all the transcriptions that have been submitted to date for this project.

    Cemeteries of Lewis County include many that are reminders of ghost towns long gone, but not forgotten.

    Thank you volunteers for your continual support with transcribing our local cemeteries.

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  • Lewis County History

    Lewis County was created on December 19, 1845, by the provisional government of Oregon Territory, named after the pioneer explorer, Meriwether Lewis.

    Visually, Lewis County was once so large geographically that is has become known as the “mother of all counties” – spanning all the land west of the Cowlitz River and north to present-day Sitka, Alaska.

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LCGS Speaker & Topic | Meeting Date: Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013

Roy Wilson, Cowlitz Tribe

Cowlitz Leader to Speak at Genealogical Society Meeting

Roy Wilson, spiritual leader of the Cowlitz Tribe, will be guest speaker at the Tuesday, Oct. 22, meeting of the Lewis County Genealogical Society.

Wilson is expected to focus his program on the Cowlitz Landing, the heritage of Toledo and other Toledo events. 

Roy, whose Indian name is Itswwot Wawa Hyiu (Bear Who Talks Much), was born on the Yakama Indian Reservation from an Indian father and non-Indian mother. He lives in Chimacum with wife, Cherilyn.

He served 32 years on the Cowlitz tribal council, as chairman of the General Council in the 1970s, and, in the latter years, as chairman of the Tribal Council. Much of his time is spent in colleges, universities and churches teaching about the Medicine Wheel. 

Among his published books are: “Medicine Wheels — Ancient Teachings for Modern Times,” “The Gospel According to Matthew — A Longhouse Version,” “Native American Annotated Bibliography,” “Voices From the Earth Mother“ and “Historical Overview of the Cowlitz Tribe.” 

Meeting is at 7:00 pm at the PUD Auditorium at 345 NW Pacific Ave., Chehalis.