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Claquato Cemetery

Chehalis WA, 142 Stearns Road PO BOX 1443, west of Chehalis; early dates to 1852. claq-a.txt | claq-b.txt |claq-c.txt | claq-d.txt | claq-eg.txt | claq-hl.txt | claq-mq.txt | claq-r.txt | claq-s.txt | claq.tz.txt

Deskins Family Cemetery 1855 North Fork Road, Chehalis WA, Jim Deskins property; currently 15 family burials.
Dryad Cemetery (AKA Doty-Dyrad Cemetery); Lewis County Cemetery Dist. #3, 1 mile NW of Dryad, Chandler Road, 1st burial 1895; plotted 24 July 1900.
Fern Hill Cemetery Orginally Phillips, later Urquhart Cemetery; corner of Ribelein Bishop Roads, Chehalis WA; created 1885, dedicated 24 January 1893.
Greenwood Masonic Cemetery Chehalis, WA; created 14 August 1891; plotted 1898; last burial in 1975, estimated 500 burials and only 200 marked graves.
Jackson Cemetery Mary's Corner, WA; created - Mrs. Jackson's children by previous marriage, Felix G. Koontz 7 December 1855, Henry M. Koontz 1 June 1857, only stones left, others destroyed.
Newaukum Hill From Interstate 5, take Exit 77. Go west on Highway 6 and take a quick left turn on Riverside Road - it starts just past the southbound onramp to I-5. Riverside road changes to Newaukum Road and then to Shorey Road - take a right turn onto Devereese Road. Go up the hill on Devereese Road for 6/10 of a mile to the end of the road. The Newaukum Hill Cemetery is on your right behind the fence. The earliest burial found is 1886.
Sunset memorial Gardens See Claquato Cemetery; aka Odd Fellows Cemetery; Chehalis, WA 142 Stearns Road PO BOX 1443; dedicated 11 July 1923.


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